Monday, January 28, 2013


It's certainly been a while now since the last entry was published.
But this blog is not abandoned. Many things happen in real life that keeps this planet away from gravitating at least for a while. But here we are again. 
Many of you are aware that we are experiencing a MOOC's boom moment. For those who have not yet been captivated by a MOOC, it stands for Massive Open Online Course.
Remember that old post about e-learning? Well, a MOOC perfectly fits e-earning's definition at its best. And be aware that there is now a good bunch of them out there now. Universe expanding itself!
May these lines serve as an introductory for one particular course: E-learning and Digital Cultures, #edcmooc for friends that has just been launched at Coursera, one of the pioneers in the MOOC's territory conquest.

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