Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The #edcmooc theory? of the Big Bang

Image: Greg Morss
Weeeeeeell.. E-learning and Digital Cultures began a couple of days ago.

And all hell broke loose.

Why? Because of all the overwhelming amount of information that's flooding everywhere. The first impact after the explosion is that following the course will be like trying to find a needle in a (giant) haystack.

Too much information is shared everywhere, through all the given tools, mainly via social networks and groups (Facebook, Twitter, G+... I lost the count) built by the students for the students. A huge, inmense amount of content created by the participants every day, every hour, every minute.

Oh dear, and more will come. 

This sudden emerged factory of planets is neither a good nor a bad thing per se. The problem is not about dealing with the quantity but to have a clear idea of what needle each of us has to look for.

And that needle has a name: digital artifact. Or so is how the Creators have named the final project: the small planet to be created by the students; we, current unspecified masses morphing into a digital artifact by which we will be assessed.

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